Comprehensive dental services

In the Mediss Cabinet we will take care of your smile in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer a full range of dental treatment for children and adults, providing an individual approach to the patient.

We provide dental services covering a variety of specialties - from conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics to prosthetics. We treat dental caries infected with tooth decay, where in case of irreversible pulmonary inflammation - we recommend channel treatment performed with a microscope. Our offer also includes services in the field of maxillofacial surgery and implantology. We perform complicated surgical procedures, implanted dental implants. We take care of the aesthetics of the smile, offering the possibility of teeth whitening and the insertion of porcelain or composite veneers, complement our range of dental prosthetics - we make: porcelain and ceramic crowns, porcelain and full ceramic bridges, crowns and root canals and prosthetics.

Thanks to the excellent equipment of the rooms we are able to provide comprehensive dental care at the highest level, and the treatments are performed in a friendly and calm atmosphere, in a stress-free and painless way. We provide comfortable treatment at attractive prices.


We offer comprehensive dentition treatment from adult and pediatric dentistry, through endodontic treatment, prosthetics, orthodontics, surgery and implantology. We provide comprehensive preventive services such as stone removal, fluoridation, sandblasting.

Those who attach great importance to the aesthetics of dentition, we invite you to professional bleach with Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed lamp, or a popular recently used whitening.