Installment system





Installment system


Mediss Dental Clinics operate under the MediRaty, so we can offer a very simple and advantageous way of financing dental treatment.

MediRaty is Poland's first product targeted exclusively to the medical industry. This is an initiative that combined low interest rate with the simplified to a minimum lending procedure.

Our patients can use the online submission system or fill out the permission to send the data (name, identity card number, telephone number, planned cost and the date of commencement of treatment) and consultant from MediRaty will contact the patient in 15 minutes to discuss the method of financing.

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The funds are transferred directly to the account of Mediss Dental Clinics.

However, a consultant during a phone call will discuss the accurate calculations and appropriate provisions.

The approximate simulation of the installments can be obtained using a calculator.

What makes MediRaty outstanding

- Minimum formalities: submission through just a phone call or an electronic form.

- Ability to obtain financing up to 50 000 zł after standard phone verification (approx. 15 min) and the signing of the agreement delivered by a courier - even on the day of submission.

- No initial fees and the lowest interest rate.

- Long repayment period up to 5 years (60 months).