Orthodontics deals with the treatment of malocclusion and irregularities in the teeth setting.  Malocclusion reflects the appearance of the face, which often correlates with self-esteem and confidence, also white and well-cared teeth do not compensate for the correct setting.

Orthodontic Braces  treatment can be carried out for a children and adults. In the case of fixed braces it is required to have permanent teeth (excluding persistent deciduous teeth).

In Mediss dental clinics the orthodontic treatment is carried out by dentist Katarzyna Rozmus, who can be proud of many successes in this field. The treatment with fixed braces is an area which she completely fulfills herself in and devotes most of the time to do it.

Sample pictures: orthodontics before braces

Fixed braces consist of brackets and rings fixed to the teeth and the wire which passes through them and which is attached with elastic ligatures.

The time of the treatment with braces depends on the corrected malocclusion and cooperation of the patient (regular check-ups, hygiene, wearing elastic traction).

Fixed braces can be aesthetic (composite, ceramic – the price from 2000 zł)

aparat metalowt

or metal-wired (price 1500 zł)


Hygiene is very important in orthodontic patients - regular and thorough brushing of the teeth, using interdental brushes, irrigator and mouth rinse.

Orthodontic treatment plan

1 visit:
- Consultation with a detailed discussion of the malocclusion and possible treatments
- The joint selection of the braces
- Collection of diagnostic impressions
- Referral to a panoramic radiograph

After 1 visit and considering the clinical examination and diagnostic impression, the treatment plan with the indications and recommendations for the patient will be developed.
After about 1 week, there is a 2 visit, during which the treatment plan is presented and the patient approves it. It is necessary to submit a panoramic X-ray to the doctor. The braces are installed.
There is a control visit after a month since the installation of the braces. Further visits occur once a month.
If it is necessary to mount two archwires, the second archwire is placed after 2 months. In
exceptional cases, it is possible to install both archwires simultaneously.
Every customer who purchases the braces from us, also receives a starter kit required for oral hygiene and can purchase Mediss dental irrigator at a promotional price - 110 zł.