• Orthodontics
    Orthodontics Orthodontics deals with the treatment of malocclusion and irregularities in the teeth setting.  Malocclusion reflects the appearance of the face, which often correlates with self-esteem and confidence, also white and well-cared teeth do not compensate for the correct setting. Orthodontic Braces  treatment can be carried out for a children and adults. In the case of fixed braces it is required to have permanent teeth (excluding persistent deciduous teeth). In Mediss dental clinics the orthodontic treatment is carried out by dentist Katarzyna Rozmus, who can be proud of many successes in this field. The treatment with fixed braces is an area which she completely fulfills herself in and devotes most of the time to do it. Sample pictures: orthodontics before braces Fixed braces consist of brackets and rings fixed to the teeth and the wire which passes through them and which is attached with elastic ligatures. The time of the treatment with braces depends on the corrected malocclusion and cooperation of the patient (regular check-ups, hygiene, wearing elastic traction). Fixed braces can be aesthetic (composite,…
  • Aestethic Dentistry
    Aestethic Dentistry A beautiful smile makes 100% confidence. Healthy, cured teeth sometimes different from ideal, they are discolored, have an unattractive shape, and are dimmed. All this causes malaise, low self-esteem, lack of unconstrained smile. Our doctors will help to restore a beautiful and healthy smile by offering the patients a range of treatments in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Full hygienization- removal of sediment and calculus with ultrasound and sandblaster. Correcting the shape of the teeth with porcelain veneers and all-ceramic crowns. Color change- home and clinical methods of teeth whitening.         We offer you two methods of teeth whitening. Clinical method: Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed  Lamp is the latest generation of Philips Zoom. It is currently the most effective and the safest system in the world for teeth whitening in a clinic. With a more stable whitening process (lower concentration, there is no "shock therapy") the whitening effects persist much longer. You can get a beautiful effect of white teeth in just one visit. More about bleaching Home method Overlays whitening…
  • Dental implants
    Dental implants How to manage with permanent tooth loss? Modern implant systems are the answer. Our German BEGO implants are a solution that will restore a beautiful and healthy smile. Elapsing time and dental diseases cause permanent defekts. Defects in dentition not only badly affect our self-esteem, but mainly disturb the fundamental role of the masticatory system through changes resulting from the loss of teeth. Aesthetics is disturbed by sagging cheeks or changes in facial features. The loss of teeth can cause a lot of negative effects, such as shifting or tilting of the teeth in the vicinity of the defect, alteration of occlusion, difficulty in chewing, changes in the temporomandibular joints.   [caption id="attachment_2807" align="alignnone" width="924"] Zabieg wszczepienia implantów. Na zdjęciu dr Rafał Ściegienny z dr Agnieszką Nowińską[/caption] Modern dentistry provides an effective solution that will help restore a healthy and beautiful smile. Dental implants or endosseous implants can permanently correct and stabilize the occlusal situation. They improve the quality of life! Thanks to implants, we do not expose the adjacent teeth to the…
  • General dentistry
    General dentistry Conservative dentistry - otherwise known as the treatment of the decay. The range of treatments in conservative dentistry includes: Treatment of dental caries, Restoration of tooth structure (filling) Root canal treatment (endodontics). Some inflammation and damage to the teeth are a threat to the whole body. The bacteria present in tooth decay adversely affect the joints, heart, kidneys and many other organs. In order to properly take care of health, it is advised to systematically check the condition of the oral cavity, to timely detect the potential risks and choose the method of treatment and to prevent the development of the disease. The most common problem with which the patients present themselves to the dentist is dental caries. Conservative treatment is particularly important, because it is associated with the prevention and treatment of the most widespread disease in the world. Our doctors, using the latest technology, offer professional services of the highest quality. We use such dental fillings, so that they restore aesthetics and functionality similar to natural teeth. Dental fillings that we…
  • Dental surgery
    Dental surgery One of the specialties of Mediss Clinics in Gdansk is a modern dental surgery, which is a branch of medicine dealing with the surgery of the oral cavity and surrounding tissues. The main purpose of dental surgery is primarily to remove the teeth, which can not be subjected to conservative treatment. Treatments, which are carried out by our qualified dentist also aim to eliminate  dontogenic points of bone infection through the extraction of teeth. Dental surgery, which we offer to our customers, is not only a treatment involving extractions, i.e. removal of teeth with roots. Advanced methods of treatment and more professional equipment allow this field of dentistry to expand its reach and increase efficiency, allowing the elimination of even the most complex dental problems. The Mediss Clinics offer the following procedures in the field of dental surgery: extraction of permanent teeth and deciduous teeth (including wisdom teeth) surgical removal of retained teeth, resection of the root apex, guided bone regeneration, treatment of abscesses and oro-facial fistulas, removal of radicular cysts, preparation of…
  • Prevention – Hygiene: scaling and sandblasting
    Conservative dentistry The main purpose of prevention is to prevent periodontal and tooth diseases. Teeth are the showcase of every human being, hence the importance of proper hygiene of the entire oral cavity. We provide you with treatments in dental prophylaxis: scaling and sandblasting, fluoridation, sealing Scaling and sandblasting - the removal of deposits and calculus buildup. The procedure is performed using ultrasound scaler and sandblaster. The final stage is polishing- removal of sediment debris and microdiscoloration, using a very soft brush, giving the effect of a smooth tooth and fluoridation, which consists of covering the enamel with fluoride in the form of foam.   Fluoridation - teeth fluoridation with varnish using special brushes. Varnish is left on the teeth for a period of time, resulting in gradual release of fluoride ions. With this method of prevention, the incidence of dental caries can be reduced to 40% since fluorine strengthens the enamel and protects it against acid and bacteria. Sealing - fissure sealing technique in permanent teeth using special sealant. Teeth before and after sealing…
  • Tooth whitening with Philips Zoom Whitening lamp
    Tooth whitening My name is Grażyna Zajt and I have been dealing with oral prevention in adults and children for over 20 years. I gained professional qualifications in Germany, where I raised my skills for the first 10 years, performing hygienic treatments to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis , which I practice till today in Poland. I speak German fluently. I provide presentations and training about periodontal disease in schools for future hygienists and dental assistant and practical in dental offices . I cooperates with Philips, Pierre Fabre, Johnson & Johnson. I also train with “ Safe office and overlay bleaching” (compliant with EU standards). Such training I organized in our clinic several times a year. Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is: A painless procedure Whitening effect lasting up to 2 years Possible whitening up to 10 shades per treatment.. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="ębów-lampą-philips-2.mp4"][/video]   Lamp Philips Zoom White Speed provides the fastest and most effective way for light-activated teeth whitening. Advanced technology combined with the ergonomics of the device provides the customer with the comfort during whitening.…
  • Prosthetics – Porcelain veneers and crowns
    Prosthetic   New service zirconium or ceramic crown in one day Call to find out more   Prosthetic treatment aims to restore the lost teeth and to improve the aesthetics of dentition. Our doctors offer a wide range of treatments that may help to recover full joy from a smile. We present the diverse and useful solutions matched to individual patient needs. Crowns and porcelain bridges- classic and all-ceramic, post-and-core, porcelain veneers, removable dentures. Porcelain veneers delicate and little-invasive method of correcting the shape of the vital teeth. Dedicated for the use in aesthetics, i.e. the anterior section of the teeth. This technique allows for a very natural effect. Porcelain crowns classic prosthesis used in a complete reconstruction of the tooth. The crown is made of the ceramic fired on alloy of steel. Non-nickel metal is used for this purpose, so the incidence of allergic reaction is greatly minimized. This type of complement is ideal for reconstruction of teeth crowns of the posterior segment. By working with the best prosthetic laboratories, we are able to…
  • Child dentistry
    Child dentistry For us, the children are very important. We try to do everything to make them feel comfortable with us and that they do not feel the anxiety caused by a visit to the pediatric dentist. Our doctors specialize in pediatric treatment, admitting children with a smile and tranquility. Pediatric dentist provides comprehensive dental care for the youngest patients since the appearance of deciduous teeth until the full development of permanent dentition. The following are some important tips to help parents minimize the child’s fear before the visit to the pediatric dentist: the child's first visit to the dentist should be only an adaptive visit, only consultation regular control visits are advised, so we avoid the situation in which the child comes to the dentist with an already sore tooth a visit to the dentist should be approached as a normal, routine activity, in this way we will not arouse insecurity in the young patient bribing children with gifts or other promises before the visit should be avoided, so that the child will not…
  • Cheerful gas
    Cheerful gas The administration of nitrous oxide is a new, friendly and safe method of combating stress and pain associated with a visit to the dentist. Due to inhalation sedation, the patients suffering from stress before the visit to the dentist, feeling the panic that prevents dental treatment, will completely get rid of these unpleasant feeling. This method allows for ensuring and achieving full psychological comfort andmanagement of pain.   Laughing gas is a mixture of nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2), which induces a state of physical relaxation and pleasant peace, while maintaining full consciousness of the patient. Sedation is obtained by inhalation of the odorless gas with oxygen using the fragrance masks worn over the nose, in the available scents, such as strawberry, orange, raspberry, vanilla or bubble gum. The patient does not feel either fear or anxiety. Often, especially children and young people fall asleep dreaming of fabulous adventures related to swimming, flying or drifting in the water, in the air, in the clouds, or in space. A patient who falls asleep…
  • Dental emergency
    Dental emergency In urgent cases, requiring quick intervention such as pain, trauma, technical problems (loss of fill, loss of crown or other) you can count on our experienced dentists. Every patient in need of emergency help is accepted as soon as possible. Please call us so we can offer you a convenient appointment. Priority is given to Patients previously agreed. The Mediss Dental Clinics are open Monday to Friday: 9.00 - 20.00, Saturday 9.00 - 14.00 Phone: +48 888 40 40 20 Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, ul. Chrzanowskiego 10/1


It is better to prevent than to cure, therefore Prevention primarily. A full range of oral hygiene is individually tailored to guarantee a healthy smile for years to come.