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A beautiful smile makes 100% confidence. Healthy, cured teeth sometimes differ from ideal; they are discolored, have an unattractive shape, and are dimmed. All this causes malaise, low self-esteem, lack of unconstrained smile.


It involves the removal (under anesthesia) of diseased pulp from the chamber and ducts of the tooth, disinfection and filling with warm gutta-percha. Most of the treatments are performed using a microscope.


Prosthetic treatment aims to restore the lost teeth and to improve the aesthetics of dentition. Our doctors offer a wide range of treatments that may help to recover full joy from a smile. We present the diverse and useful solutions matched to individual...


For us, the children are very important. We try to do everything to make them feel comfortable with us and that they do not feel the anxiety caused by a visit to the pediatric dentist. Our doctors specialize in pediatric treatment, admitting children with a smile...


Orthodontics deals with the treatment of malocclusion and irregularities in the teeth setting.  Malocclusion reflects the appearance of the face, which often correlates with self-esteem and confidence, also white and well-cared teeth do not...

Dental implants

Elapsing time and dental diseases cause permanent cavities. Defects in dentition not only badly affect our self-esteem, but mainly disturb the fundamental role of the masticatory system through changes resulting from the loss of teeth.

dental surgery

One of the specialties of Mediss Clinics in Gdansk is a modern dental surgery, which is a branch of medicine dealing with the surgery of the oral cavity and surrounding tissues. The main purpose of dental surgery is primarily to remove the teeth...


The main purpose of prevention is to prevent periodontal and tooth diseases. Teeth are the showcase of every human being, hence the importance of proper hygiene of the entire oral cavity. We provide you with treatments in dental prophylaxis...


tooth whitening

Lamp Philips Zoom White Speed provides the fastest and most effective way for light-activated teeth whitening. Advanced technology combined with the ergonomics of the device provides the customer with the comfort during whitening.

our team

Meet us - for us each patient is unique. Individual approach allows us to ensure effective cooperation, very good results and helps build long-lasting, friendly relationships with our patients. We are a team of professionals, open and ready to help.