I graduated from Gdansk Medical University in 2012. Also Gdansk is the place where I started to develop my dental, practical skills.

I’m a lucky one, because I could observe one of the best dentists, dental surgeons and dental technicians.

I managed to complete numerous courses including aesthetic dentistry, occlusion and dental surgery. Actually, I strongly develop my implant dentistry qualifications - I finish one-year Implant Curriculum organized by Polish Implant Society in winter 2017. Online technology allowed me to attend five-week implant course organised by University of Hong Kong.

Everyday in my practice I try to look at the patients’ problems in a complex way. I do my best to explain to my patients the total treatment plan which deals with actual and possible future dental issues.

I’m a big fan of aesthetics - mother nature itself and shapes created by her are my guide, which I try to recreate doing every single restoration, crown or veneer. I love to redesign nuances, perfect imperfections, which make the smile look naturally, harmonious and beautiful.

The biggest reward for me and my co-workers is to see the emotions, when we manage to fix destructions which lasted for many, many years.

Leaving the work, I jump in my car, close the door and relax listening to music. I enjoy lazy, acoustic songs which cause me goose bumps. Music reminds me about times when I played the guitar and dreamed about being a rockstar. Now only these memories remain and a guitar which is always present at home. At home which is now full of different music - sweet buzz of my wonderful wife and two lovely children.

Knowledge of languages:

  • English


  • General Dentistry
  • Prosthetics
  • Surgery,
  • Child dentistry