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Dental surgery

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At MEDISS Dental Clinic in Gdańsk, we cooperate with enthusiasts, specialists who constantly expand their knowledge to provide you with comprehensive treatment using modern methods, materials and equipment. We specialize in modern dental surgery. This means that we are able to perform even the most complex operations in the oral cavity on each of our patients.

If you need dental assistance in the field of dental surgery or maxillofacial surgery, you can be sure that the best experts in this field will take care of you..

Everything has its time ...

We work in stages in the surgical treatment of your teeth. Before we offer you treatment, we will precisely diagnose all the elements that require dental intervention. Before we perform the procedure, you will receive a complete analysis of your case along with a treatment plan.

We diagnose precisely

This is the basis for making the right decision about further treatment, which is why we invest in world-class diagnostic equipment. In both of our squares, we have a device for taking panoramic and cephalometric images as well as 3D tomography. In addition, each of our dental chairs is equipped with an X-ray machine, which we use whenever necessary - on site and immediately during your visit.

Obvious obviousness ...

… That is, sterility and preservation of all medical procedures during the procedures. We admit that sterility ranks high in the catalog of our professional obsessions. It ensures safety, both for you and for the entire staff of our clinics. There are no exceptions and exceptions here.

What you fear the most ...

... that is, pain and stress will disappear as soon as you cross the threshold of Mediss Dental Clinic. A friendly atmosphere is our hallmark, and the kindness and openness of the doctors quickly relieve the stress that most dental patients feel. Are you afraid of the pain? - unnecessarily, we will apply the optimal dose of anesthesia and eliminate the pain completely..

Fill the gap…

… We always strive for it when we lose something important to us. It is similar with tooth extraction - you are happy that the pain is over and you are behind it, but you know that now you need to reconstruct the resulting cavity. We secretly admit that our team loves such challenges. They always undertake the implant-prosthetic reconstruction of the teeth with the greatest commitment.

TOP 10 dental surgical procedures

The most frequently performed surgical procedure is the classic tooth extraction - it is a tooth extraction procedure which, thanks to a well-chosen dose of anesthesia, is painless for the patient. The most popular procedure in this category is the removal of the eighth teeth, the so-called wisdom teeth. Eights are removed at various stages - at an early stage of emergence, completely erupted and hidden, the so-called stopped.

Surgical procedures
Extractions, including impacted teeth and chiselling,
Undercutting the frenulum of the tongue or lips - sometimes the orthodontist indicates such a necessity or these elements simply hinder normal functioning,
Removal of pathological conditions within the oral cavity and mucosal changes that make it difficult to perform daily activities, such as talking or eating,
Treatment of orofacial abscesses and fistulas;
Plastic surgery of connections between the oral cavity and maxillary sinus - treatments are aimed at improving the patient's overall comfort and appearance,
Exposing the teeth retained in the arch,
Root apex resections,
Guided bone regeneration,
Implantology - preparation for prosthetic treatment,
Prevention and removal of neoplastic changes,
Surgery to restore soft tissues and bone tissue, including the lifting of the bottom of the maxillary sinus, bone augmentation or bone loss closure,
Periodontal surgery.

Modern solutions

Piezosurgery sounds proud, although the average mortal probably doesn't know the concept. We assure you that the piezosurgery device we have purchased significantly exceeds traditional surgical techniques. It is an innovative technique of bone surgery, which we use in maxillofacial and dental surgery, implantology and periodontics. Creme de la creme among the devices that dentists dream about. Thanks to this machine, we can perform extremely precise and safe micrometric cuts during treatments.

Piezosurgery is a gentle, minimally invasive and completely SAFE method for the patient, which translates into less postoperative pain, greater comfort during the procedure itself and a faster healing process.

Restorative surgery of soft tissues and bone tissue

It is thanks to the possibilities offered by this particular field of dentistry that we can raise the so-called the bottom of the maxillary sinus, perform bone augmentation or closure of bone defects. Thanks to modern equipment and modern treatment methods, our doctors are able to restore the full functionality of the oral cavity.

Modern dental surgery is for many of us the only chance to effectively get rid of troublesome problems with teeth and other oral ailments.


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We will design an individual treatment plan for you to ensure the best possible treatment results quickly, effectively and painlessly (also in financial terms).

See the pricelist

surgical consultation 100 - 150 zł
tooth extraction with anesthesia from 200 zł
eighth visible tooth extraction from 500 zł
eighth invisible tooth extraction from 800 zł
surgical extraction of impacted teeth from 700 zł
tooth resection from 700 zł
plastic surgery of the frenulum from 300 zł

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