Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry  - otherwise known as the treatment of the decay. The range of treatments in conservative dentistry includes:

•    treatment of dental caries,
•    restoration of tooth structure (filling),
•    root canal treatment (endodontics).

Some inflammation and damage to the teeth are a threat to the whole body. The bacteria present in tooth decay adversely affect the joints, heart, kidneys and many other organs. In order to properly take care of health, it is advised to systematically check the condition of the oral cavity, to timely detect the potential risks and choose the method of treatment and to prevent the development of the disease. The most common problem with which the patients present themselves to the dentist is dental caries. Conservative treatment is particularly important, because it is associated with the prevention and treatment of the most widespread disease in the world. Our doctors, using the latest technology, offer professional services of the highest quality. We use such dental fillings, so that they restore aesthetics and functionality similar to natural teeth. Dental fillings that we use extremely accurately reflect the natural color and translucency of teeth. Patient’s fear of dental treatment is most often caused by fear of pain sensation. Therefore, not only we care about the friendly atmosphere and high professional services, but we carry out treatments using laughing gas and anesthesia - all for the sake of safety and comfort of our patients.

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