Dental microscopey Leica M320

In order to meet the constantly growing requirements of doctors, the designers of Leica microscopes focused both on modern design and on appropriate, advanced imaging technology, which is supported by the excellent quality of LED light. Thanks to these changes, doctors can increase the productivity of their practices – the level of patient service increases.

Lens Leica M320 MultiFoc

enables focusing in the focal range from 200 to 300mm. This lens provides a new dimension of comfort and ergonomics for the working doctor:

  • faster and more efficient work without the need to maneuver the entire microscope head up and down to focus during the procedure
  • faster and easier learning to work with a microscope for beginners
  • flexibility – one lens for users of different heights
  • versatile use in various treatments under the microscope (not only endo), especially when it is necessary to change the position of the patient’s head

Technology LED

LED technology in a dental microscope is the future. The temperature of the light generated by the diode provides natural colors, LED technology ensures a long life of light, an ideal field of view. The LED beam is much brighter than halogen light sources. Leica microscope with LED technology provides a better light source and a much longer service life. For dentistry, this means getting better results in your work at a faster pace.

  • magnification Manual, apochromatic magnification change in 5 steps 6.4 / 10/16/25/40 ×
  • stereo base 24mm
  • lenses Constant focal length from f = 100 mm to f = 400 mm
  • ofocusing lenses f=200, 250, 300 mm
  • lanses MultiFoc with adjustable working distance 200 mm do 300 mm