Teeth whitening lamp

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed:

  • painless procedure
  • whitening effect lasting up to 2 years
  • possible whitening up to 10 shades after just one treatment

New functions and features

The light intensity can be adjusted
The biggest difference from previous generations is the ability to adjust the intensity of the lamp. The Zoom WhiteSpeed can work in three intensity modes – LOW, MEDIUM i HIGH. This gives you the ability to control the effect and the level of possible hypersensitivity.

Long service life
Lamp Zoom WhiteSpeeduses the latest technology„blue LED” companies Philips. Thanks to it, the bulbs located in the head maintain a service life of up to 50,000 hours of operation, which, compared to previous versions, significantly reduces operating costs.

Highly effective
Zoom WhiteSpeed emits light twice as intense as competing teeth whitening lamps. Thanks to this, it guarantees a very high, unattainable for other systems, effectiveness of whitening.

Greater ergonomics
Lamp Zoom WhiteSpeed,compared to previous models, it has been equipped with a more durable and precise positioning system. Thanks to it, you can easily adjust the position of the lamp to each patient.

Lamp Philips Zoom White Speed provides the fastest and most effective way of light-activated whitening. Advanced technology combined with the ergonomics of the device provides the customer with high comfort during the whitening treatment.

The entire procedure consists of just three 15-minute sessions with breaks for changing the gel. System Philips Zoom White Speed uses a patented reaction in the whitening process„photo-fentom”, which takes place between the hydrogen peroxide in the gel and the iron. These compounds when combined form the radical of the hydroxyl group referred to as „Discoloration Conquerors”.

The light emitted by the lamp Philips Zoom White Speedin a cyclical manner, renews the iron. This allows you to maintain the continuous production of hydroxyl radicals and faster removal of discoloration, which obviously improves the whitening results. Due to this unique reaction, it was possible to lower the concentration of the bleaching gel. Philips Zoom White Speed is therefore the only system that uses a relatively low concentration of the gel (6% H2O2), which makes the whitening process more stable, and the results obtained with it last much longer than in the case of competing systems.

The low concentration of the whitening preparation reduces hypersensitivity both during and after the treatment.

Clinical studies on the Zoom system prove that no other whitening system offers such a high efficiency in such a short time. Zoom whitening gel uses the patented Photo Fenton & ndash; chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide and iron compound (photoactivator contained in the gel).

After mixing the two compounds, the peroxide molecule reacts with iron, resulting in the formation of free radicals, compounds responsible for removing discoloration. Thanks to the appropriate wavelength and intensity, the light emitted by the Zoom lamp! cyclically renews iron (returns to its unoxidized form), thanks to which it constantly produces compounds that remove discoloration. This reaction, called the Photo Fenton reaction, greatly improves the effectiveness of the teeth whitening process