Implants in 1 day?

Yes! At Mediss Dental Clinic, we offer an innovative method of treating total toothlessness. We are able to restore your beautiful smile within 24 hours. Such a quick reconstruction of the teeth is possible thanks to the use of the latest technologies of implant treatment and the cooperation of a team of experienced experts. They provide comprehensive patient care and control the treatment process – starting from the diagnosis and ending with the installation of a ready-made permanent prosthesis.

Teeth in 24 hours? Is it possible?

Teeth in 1 day is a way to recreate a complete dental arch. This solution is based on the precise placement of four or six implants in the patient’s bone (Arch on 4 implants or Arch on 6 implants), which will be the basis for fixing the prosthetic work. Implants can be loaded immediately, so the patient can receive a new, aesthetic smile during the entire healing process within one day. Full prosthetic restoration of a smile can be performed after the implants are completely integrated with the bone.

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Denture on implants

An attractive alternative to traditional dentures

Until recently, removable dentures were the only solution for patients with complete edentulousness. We know from the opinions of patients that traditional solutions did not always ensure full comfort of use, the prosthesis could fall out while laughing, sneezing or eating. The revolutionary solution, which is the Arch on 4 implants and Arch on 6 implants methods, allows to obtain the effect of reconstruction of the teeth visually similar to the patient’s own teeth.

Who Can Benefit from the Arch on 4 implants and Arch on 6 implants Method?

After the consultation and determination of the appropriate bone conditions, the implantation itself and the establishment of prosthetic work in the Arch on 4 implants or Arch on 6 implants method allow the work to be completed within one day. Patients do not have to take long holidays and give up their daily activities and duties for a long time. It is a perfect solution for people who want quick results.

What is the treatment with the Teeth method in 1 day

01 Planning

The first stage is a consultation with the implantologist and preparation of a treatment plan. The patient undergoes full oral hygiene and comprehensive diagnostics. Impressions of the patient’s oral cavity are also taken.

02 Implantology stage

The next step is to place four or six implants in the patient’s jaw and / or the lower jaw, depending on the individual case. The procedure is completely painless because it is performed with the use of reliable anesthesia.

03 Prosthetic part

Establishing temporary work – thanks to cooperation with the best prosthetic laboratories, the prosthetic work will be prepared as soon as possible and placed in the patient’s mouth. From now on, the patient can enjoy a completely new, beautiful smile throughout the entire period of integration of implants with bone tissues.

Experienced experts

The cooperation of a team of experts qualified in various fields of dentistry is the best way to achieve full treatment success. This type of approach enables a comprehensive look at the patient and solve his problems. Experts at Mediss Dental Clinic include endodontists – who mainly deal with root canal treatment; implantologists – who only perform surgical procedures and implantations; orthodontists – whose task is to correct malocclusion and prosthetists – who put on crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures. Each of them is dedicated to a specific field of dentistry, constantly developing their skills during numerous courses, trainings and workshops, both in Polish and international. Due to the fact that doctors support each other with their knowledge and experience, it is possible to effectively carry out even a very complex treatment.

The treatment of Arch on 4 implants / Arch on 6 implants at Mediss Dental Clinic is handled by a team of experts experienced in comprehensive implant prosthetic treatment.

Our team

Implantology specialists

Maria Mikołajska

specialist dentist in surgery

Krzysztof Kozłowski


Rafal Ściegienny

dentist surgery

Our team

Implantology specialists

Maria Mikołajska

specialist dentist

Krzysztof Kozłowski

dentist surgery

Rafał Ściegienny

medical dentist / implant surgeon