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Root canal treatment

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Why is it worth root canal treatment at Mediss Dental Clinic?

A painless procedure

We perform root canal treatment under local anesthesia and it is completely painless for the patient.

Difficult cases

We deal with the most complex procedures in the field of root canal treatment, we find additional canals and remove broken tools.

Dental microscopes

During root canal treatment, we always use high-class dental microscopes that allow us to see the inside of the tooth with the root canal system.

Modern equipment

We have the most modern equipment for cleaning and filling the canals with heat, we perform full X-ray diagnostics on site (X-ray pictures and 3D tomography).

Experienced dentists

Our doctors are high-class specialists in the field of conservative dentistry and endodontics, who constantly improve their qualifications to provide patients with the highest level of treatment.

Root canal (endodontic) treatment performed with the use of a microscope allows you to heal teeth that until recently were doomed to extraction. We offer the most modern and effective solutions that will help you restore a healthy and beautiful smile.

Advanced endodontics at Mediss Dental Clinic is not only a microscope, but also measuring devices (endometers - a device designed to measure the length of the tooth canal) connected with endomotors, radiovisiography (point X-ray on each dental chair) and precise techniques of filling the root canals with heat, allowing for filling all, even the smallest, channels in the tooth.

At Mediss Dental Clinic, we work with the VDW EDDY system, a specialized device that allows for thorough irrigation of the canals, which gives excellent results and therefore the canal system is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The effectiveness of root canal treatment at Mediss Dental Clinic is very high. Many patients struggle with the dilemma of whether to remove a tooth or is it better to cure it through a root canal? - it is definitely worth taking advantage of the last and often the only chance to save a tooth. Remember that tooth extraction is an irreversible step, making it necessary to replace the missing tooth in the future
Some inflammation and damage to the dentition pose a threat to the entire body. The bacteria present in caries negatively affect the joints, heart, kidneys and many other internal organs. In order to properly take care of health, it is necessary to systematically monitor the condition of the oral cavity in order to detect possible threats in time and choose the method of treatment and prevent the development of the disease.

Caries is the most common problem that patients report to a dentist. Conservative treatment is especially important because it is associated with the prevention and treatment of this most common disease in the world. Our doctors, thanks to the use of the latest technologies, offer professional services of the highest quality. We use fillings, thanks to which we restore the aesthetics and functionality similar to natural teeth. The fillings we use reflect the natural color and translucency of the teeth very faithfully. The patient's fear of dental treatment is most often caused by the fear of pain. That is why we not only care for a friendly atmosphere and high professionalism of services, but we carry out treatments using laughing gas and anesthesia - all for the safety and comfort of our patients.

Endodontics is a dental procedure, commonly known as root canal treatment. Endodontics is an extremely rapidly developing field of conservative dentistry. Mediss Dental Offices offers its patients root canal treatment performed with the use of specialized equipment.

Correctly performed endodontic treatment consists in thorough cleaning of the root canal system from dead or infected pulp, dilation, disinfection and final tight filling of the root canal. These activities are possible thanks to modern, specialized endodontic tools and root canal filling systems.

Our device for filling the canal with warm gutta-percha is a wireless system by Meta Biomed System E & amp; Q Master, it is easy to use and minimizes the time needed for proper, three-dimensional filling of the canal with gutta-percha. It combines the apical condensation method with a three-dimensional complement of the apical part and all lateral channels.

Examples of work done in Mediss DC

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Example 01

a tooth heavily cariously damaged was healed under a microscope and reinforced with glass fiber inlays (photo "before") and then rebuilt with a zirconium crown, which, apart from its aesthetic qualities, is characterized by high durability.

institution Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

Doctor Katarzyna Głowacka

marioPhoto 2
marioPhoto 1

Example 02

the damaged tooth after root canal treatment, provided with a leaky composite filling (photo "before"), was rebuilt with a porcelain endocrown, which is an aesthetic solution that saves the patient's own tissues to the maximum (no need to grind the tooth as for a traditional prosthetic crown).

institution Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

Doctor Katarzyna Głowacka

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See the pricelist

1 canal - preparation and filling with the thermal method + anesthesia 600 zł
2 canals - preparation and filling with the thermal method + anesthesia 800 zł
3 canals - preparation and filling with the thermal method + anesthesia 1000 zł
Each subsequent channel 300 zł
Re-root canal treatment (Reendo) 1 canal 800 zł
Re-root canal treatment (Reendo) 2 canals 950 zł
Re-root canal treatment (Reendo) 3 canals 1100 zł
Each subsequent channel (Reendo) 300 zł
Removal of a broken tool 300 - 500 zł
Removal of the old crown-root post 250 - 550 zł

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