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Prevention – Hygiene: scaling and sandblasting

Scaling and sandblasting - Gdańsk

Conservative dentistry

The main purpose of prevention is to prevent periodontal and tooth diseases. Teeth are the showcase of every human being, hence the importance of proper hygiene of the entire oral cavity. We provide you with treatments in dental prophylaxis: scaling and sandblasting, fluoridation, sealing

Scaling and sandblasting

- the removal of deposits and calculus buildup.

The procedure is performed using ultrasound scaler and sandblaster.
The final stage is polishing- removal of sediment debris and microdiscoloration, using a very soft brush, giving the effect of a smooth tooth and fluoridation, which consists of covering the enamel with fluoride in the form of foam.


– teeth fluoridation with varnish using special brushes.

Varnish is left on the teeth for a period of time, resulting in gradual release of fluoride ions. With this method of prevention, the incidence of dental caries can be reduced to 40% since fluorine strengthens the enamel and protects it against acid and bacteria.


- fissure sealing technique in permanent teeth using special sealant.

Teeth before and after sealing

Grooves and fissures, due their structure, are difficult to clean from food debris using a toothbrush. Hard to access for ordinary daily hygiene, those places are a breeding ground for bacteria and promote the formation of caries. This treatment is especially dedicated to children during the replacement of deciduous teeth to permanent teeth. After complete eruption of the permanent tooth it is good to immediately secure the fissures with a sealant.

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