Orthodontic consultation
(during the consultation, the doctor performs a full orthodontic examination, and diagnosis and presents a preliminary treatment plan)
150-200 zł
Highly specialized orthodontic consultation with 3d scanning, digital diagnostics, and treatment plan300 zł
Metal braces 1 arch2500 zł
Aesthetic / ceramic braces 1 arch3500 zł
Metal self-ligating braces, 1 arch3900 zł
Control of treatment - 1 arch170 zł
Control of treatment - 2 arches220 zł
(Invisible, overlay orthodontic appliance recommended by the Polish Orthodontic Society. Treatment is carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor, and the patient, in addition to the comfort and safety of treatment, gains predictable effects.)
from 5800 zł


Zirconium crown2200 zł
All-ceramic crown2200 zł
All-ceramic veneer2200 zł
Flow injection / bondingfrom 790 zł
Non-Prep veneerfrom 2300 zł
Porcelain crown on metal1500 - 1600 zł
All-ceramic Inlay/onlay1900 - 2000 zł
Composite Inlay/onlay1100 zł
Endocrown1100 - 2000 zł
Acrylic denture3500 zł
Frame denture3800 zł
Deprogrammer1000 zł

Prosthetic treatment is carried out by experienced doctors who have achieved high aesthetics of the smile in dozens of satisfied patients. Each treatment is individually tailored to the patient’s expectations and capabilities.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whiteningfrom 900 zł

Preventive Dentistry

Dental consultation/examination100-150 zł
Composite filling
(Conservative treatment is performed by experienced doctors using the highest quality light-cured composites)
from 280 zł

Microscopic root canal treatment – endodontics

(The treatment is performed under a microscope, which ensures maximum precision, safety, and predictable and lasting effects))

Microscope Root canal treatment – thermal method (all visits) (prices depending on number of canals)from 950 zł
Reendo (repeated canal treatment)from 1150 zł


Implantological consultation150 zł
Dental implant procedure2950 - 3250 zł
Soft tissue augmentation800 - 2000 zł
Metal crown on implant2800 zł
Zircon crown on implant3200 zł
Crown on implant with multiunit3500 zł

Implantological procedures are carried out by experienced doctors using the best quality implants with high osseointegrate.


Surgical consultation150 zł
Tooth extractionfrom 250 zł
Wisdom tooth extractionfrom 550 zł
Wisdom tooth extraction surgically complicatedfrom 900 zł

X-ray diagnostics

3D tomography of the maxilla and mandible - 10x10 imaging450 zł
3D tomography of the maxilla or mandible250 zł
3D point tomography200 zł
Cephalometric image90 zł
Panoramic photo90 zł
Periapical X-ray40 zł

Prophylaxis and periodontics

Professional hygienization -package
(the treatment is performed by the most effective method with sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation, and hygiene instructions, thanks to which our patients enjoy the effects of the treatment for a long time)
270-400 zł
Fluoridation150 zł
Fluoridation-varnishingfrom 250 zł
Closed curettage (1/2 arch)800 zł
Open curettage (1/2 arch)800 zł

Pediatric dentistry

Adaptation visit
(during this 30-minute visit, our doctor will try to build a relationship and make friends with the child to start treatment in a comfortable atmosphere)
150 zł
Filling in a milk tooth
(we offer a large selection of colors, and we use the highest quality light-cured composites)
from 180 zł
Removal of a milk tooth250 -350 zł

Sedation ,,Laughing gas”

Sedation with laughing gas for up to 60 minutes200 zł
every additional 15 minutes   50 zł

Sedation ,,Laughing gas”

We provide medical documentation at the Patient’s request within 14 working days of notification.
The fee for making a copy of medical documentation on an electronic data carrier is PLN 4.