Orthodontic consultation150 zł
Orthodontic consultation + scan or impressions + treatment plan250 zł
Metal braces 1 arch2200 zł
Aesthetic / ceramic braces 1 arch3000 zł
Metal self-ligating braces, 1 arch3500 zł
Clear Aligner 1 arch800 zł
1 arc check150 zł
2 arches check200 zł
Photo of the camera + reteiner 1 archfrom 800 zł
Attaching the bracket as part of the control visitfree


Zirconium crown1800 - 2000 zł
All-ceramic crown1900 - 2000 zł
All-ceramic veneer1900 - 2000 zł
Flow injection / bonding700 - 750 zł
Non-Prep veneer1900 - 2000 zł
Porcelain crown on metal1500 - 1600 zł
E-MAX crown / veneer1900 - 2000 zł
Crown-root inlay made of glass fiber / metal alloy600 zł
composite crown900 zł
Composite inlay950 zł
Composite onlay950 zł
Endocrown1000 zł
Acrylic denture2400 zł
Skeletal prosthesis2700 zł
Deprogrammer800 zł

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening (office method with the Philips Zoom White Speed lamp, overlay method or combined method)from 800 zł


dental consultation / review100 - 150 zł
Composite filling in a permanent toothfrom 250 zł
Additional reinforcement with glass fiber400 - 450 zł

Microscopic root canal treatment – endodontics

1 canal - preparation and filling with the thermal method + anesthesia700 - 800 zł
2 canals - preparation and filling with the thermal method + anesthesia900 - 1000zł
3 canals - preparation and filling with the thermal method + anesthesia1200 - 1300 zł
Each subsequent channel300 zł
Re-root canal treatment (Reendo) 1 canal800 - 1000 zł
Re-root canal treatment (Reendo) 2 canals1100 - 1300 zł
Re-root canal treatment (Reendo) 3 canals1200 - 1700 zł
Each subsequent channel (Reendo)300 zł
Removal of a broken tool300 - 500 zł
Removal of the old crown-root post300 - 600 zł


implantological consultation150 zł
implant placement + implant2500 - 3000 zł
soft tissue augmentation800 - 2000 zł
crown on implant on individual abutment3000 zł
temporary crown on the implant600 zł


surgical consultation150 zł
tooth extraction with anesthesiafrom 200 zł
eighth visible tooth extractionfrom 500 zł
eighth invisible tooth extractionfrom 800 zł
surgical extraction of impacted teethfrom 700 zł
tooth resectionfrom 800 zł
plastic surgery of the frenulumfrom 300 zł

X-ray diagnostics

3D tomography of the maxilla and mandible - 10x10 imaging450 zł
3D tomography of the maxilla or mandible250 zł
3D point tomography200 zł
Cephalometric image90 zł
Panoramic photo90 zł
Spot X-ray image40 zł

Prophylaxis and periodontics

Removal of limescale and deposits (scaling + polishing paste, possibly sandblasting + contact fluoridation)270 - 400 zł
Fluoridation-varnishing100 zł
Closed curettage (1/2 arch)200 zł

Children’s dentistry

Adaptation visit150 zł
Filling in a milk toothod 120 zł
Removal of a milk tooth150 - 250 zł

Laughing gas

Sedation with laughing gas for up to 60 minutes200 zł
every additional 15 minutes   50 zł