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Dental prosthetics deals with the filling of missing teeth (both single and multiple) as well as the reconstruction and improvement of the appearance of the teeth. Prosthetic treatment at Mediss Dental Clinic is aimed at restoring the patient's lost chewing function, as well as improving the quality of his life, especially in terms of aesthetics. Missing teeth not only cause occlusal disorders or dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, but can lead to speech impairment and may negatively affect the appearance, worsening the facial features.

Our doctors offer a wide range of treatments that can help you regain the full joy of a smile. We present you a variety of useful solutions individually tailored to the needs of the patient. Dental crowns and porcelain bridges - classic and all-ceramic, crown-root inlays, porcelain veneers, removable restorations.

In the photo, our Patient with Dr. Małgorzata Ryniec-Walczyńska:

Porcelain veneers

It is a gentle and minimally invasive method of improving the shape of living teeth. Dedicated to be used in the aesthetic zone, i.e. the frontal section of the teeth. This technique produces a very natural effect. Veneers made by our dental office are a guarantee of a beautiful smile.


Porcelain dental crowns– classic

A prosthetic restoration used in the case of complete tooth reconstruction. The tooth crown is made of ceramics fired on a steel alloy. A nickel-free metal is used for this, so the occurrence of allergy is significantly minimized. This type of restoration is an excellent solution for restoring tooth crowns in the posterior segment.

All-ceramic tooth crowns

A very aesthetic prosthetic restoration that allows you to perform work with an extremely natural look. The selection of the appropriate color and shape of the tooth crowns will improve the appearance of teeth significantly damaged by caries or broken. Thanks to the zirconium oxide substructure, crowns provide a natural effect and are therefore dedicated to restorations in the anterior occlusal area.

Crown-root inlays

Used as a tooth reinforcement and a pillar under a prosthetic crown. Depending on the degree of tooth damage, we use glass fiber inlays and cast steel inlays individually made to the shape of the root remains in the laboratory. Thanks to the inlays, it is possible to rebuild even very damaged teeth.

Thanks to the cooperation with the best prosthetic laboratories, we are able to obtain a very natural effect, giving us the characteristic features of the adjacent teeth.

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Porcelain bridges

Thanks to this prosthetic solution, it is possible to supplement one or more teeth. The bridge is cemented on the patient's teeth, which are pillars - the teeth should be properly ground beforehand. Implants are an alternative to the bridge with single missing teeth. Depending on the individual needs of the patient, we use: bridges on a metal substructure, bridges on a zirconium oxide substructure and bridges on a gold alloy substructure.

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Partial denture

Removable restorations

Acrylic settling dentures

Used to fill in both partial and complete deficiencies. Indicated in the absence of the possibility of prosthetic or implantological treatment of numerous missing teeth.

Skeletal dentures

Used in the event of partial deficiencies. They stay in place thanks to clasps, latches or latches. Unlike full acrylic dentures, they have a palatal plate reduced to a minimum, which gives greater comfort, which is so important for the patient.

Acetal and nylon dentures

An alternative to skeletal dentures, they are light and more aesthetic thanks to the gingival or tooth-colored clamps. The perfect solution for patients in which it is very difficult to get used to the new conditions. Thanks to the aesthetic form and delicate texture, patients adapt to a new situation faster and more nicely.

We perform our prosthetic works in laboratories:

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Zirconium crown 1800 - 2000 zł
All-ceramic crown 1800 - 2000 zł
All-ceramic veneer 1800 - 2000 zł
Flow injection / bonding 700 - 750 zł
Non-Prep veneer 1800 - 2000 zł
Porcelain crown on metal 1300 - 1600 zł
E-MAX crown / veneer 1300 - 1800 zł
Crown-root inlay made of glass fiber / metal alloy 600 zł
composite crown 900 zł
Composite inlay 950 zł
Composite onlay 950 zł
Endocrown 900 zł
Acrylic denture 2200 zł
Skeletal prosthesis 2700 zł
Deprogrammer 800 zł

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