We invite you to make an appointment for teeth whitening treatments using the Philips Zoom White Speed lamp and the overlay method. Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is:


A painless procedure


Whitening effect lasting up to 2 years


Possibility to whiten up to 8 shades after just one treatment

Lamp Philips Zoom White Speed

provides the fastest and most effective way of light-activated whitening. Advanced technology combined with the ergonomics of the device provides the customer with high comfort during the whitening treatment.

The entire procedure consists of just three 15-minute sessions with breaks for changing the gel. The Philips Zoom White Speed system in the whitening process uses the patented “photo-fentom” reaction, which takes place between the hydrogen peroxide contained in the gel and iron. These compounds in combination form a radical of the hydroxyl group known as “discoloration killer”.

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Lamp whitening

The light emitted by the Philips Zoom White Speed lamp periodically renews the iron. This allows you to maintain the continuous production of hydroxyl radicals and faster removal of discoloration, which obviously improves the whitening results. Due to this unique reaction, it was possible to lower the concentration of the bleaching gel. Philips Zoom White Speed is therefore the only system that uses a relatively low concentration of the gel (6% H2O2), which makes the whitening process more stable, and the results obtained with it last much longer than in the case of competing systems.

Low concentration of the whitening preparation means reduction of hypersensitivity both during and after the procedure.

Clinical studies on the Zoom system prove that no other whitening system offers such high efficiency in such a short time. The Zoom whitening gel uses the patented Photo Fenton technology – a chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide and the iron compound (contained in the photoactivator gel).

After mixing the two compounds, the peroxide molecule reacts with iron, resulting in the formation of free radicals, compounds responsible for removing discoloration. Thanks to the use of the appropriate wavelength and intensity, the light emitted by the Zoom lamp! cyclically renews iron (it returns to its unoxidized form), thanks to which it constantly produces compounds that remove discoloration. This reaction, called the Photo Fenton reaction, greatly improves the effectiveness of the teeth whitening process..

Tray whitening

what is it and what are the results?

This is one of the whitening methods, completely safe, with an efficiency of up to 90%.

The client receives overlays made on the basis of previously made impressions and a special whitening preparation. The set is individually matched and dedicated to use at home. The preparation in a small amount is introduced into the aligners and placed on the teeth, e.g. during sleep (about 4 hours). The treatment lasts from 5 to 12 days, depending on the individual needs of the client. & ldquo; white diet & rdquo;, during this time, avoid discoloring drinks and foods (coffee, tea, coca-cola, red wine, etc.)

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Whitening with overlays

The photos show a set that was prepared for our client.

The lady chose a combination of two methods– used the whitening treatment with the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed lamp and will continue whitening with the overlay method at home, thanks to which the whitening effect will last much longer.

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