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Aesthetic tooth reconstruction

Aesthetic tooth reconstruction

Aesthetic dentistry includes dental procedures aimed at improving the appearance of the patients teeth, gums or bite so as to obtain perfect smile aesthetics. Treatments such as whitening or porcelain veneers play a purely cosmetic role. Others combine therapeutic effect with an emphasis on a beautiful aesthetic effect.

Aesthetic dentistry means conservative treatment using the highest quality composite materials and prosthetic treatment with all-ceramic restorations (veneers, crowns, bridges). It is supported by muco-gingival procedures that guarantee an improvement in the gum line. One cannot forget about orthodontics, which, apart from regulating the occlusion, is designed to provide an aesthetic end result in the form of harmonious facial features and a beautiful smile.

In everyday practice, the largest percentage of treatments are cosmetic restorations of teeth defects with composite materials. Patients often make sure that the tooth will be rebuilt with a "white filling". The Essentia GC superesthetic composite dedicated to the front teeth used in Mediss Dental Clinic meets the high requirements of modern materials, allowing for the highest class of fillings. When reconstructing defects in the anterior teeth, it is crucial to achieve perfect penetration of the material into the dental tissues, so that the transition of the composite into the enamel is imperceptible. This requires the right choice of color, precise work with the layering technique, the use of a wide palette of dentin and enamel shades, and often performing additional individual characterizations with the help of colorants applied with a brush on the tooth surface. The perfectly polished filling impresses with its naturalness.

Very often, patients go to the dentist with chipped fillings in the back teeth, sometimes even report a fracture of the tooth crown. Most often this happens because of the weakening of the tooth structure with numerous fillings. Sometimes there is a subgingival wall fracture, which requires a prosthetic crown reconstruction or, in the worst case, tooth extraction. In addition, old fillings leave a lot to be desired in terms of color and proper modeling of the occlusal surface.

In the case of extensive old restorations, we offer patients to make composite efforts to mechanically strengthen the tooth crown, restore its natural shape and ensure proper relations with neighboring and opposing teeth. The edition requires the removal of old material, special preparation of the remaining tooth tissues as well as taking an impression and choosing the color. The tooth is secured with a temporary filling and the impression goes to the laboratory, where a composite block is prepared on the model, which is fixed with cement light at the next visit after a few days in place of absence. It is a form of composite filling with perfect aesthetics, which provides performance outside the oral cavity, enlarged.

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