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Dental surgery

Dental surgery

One of the specialties of Mediss Clinics in Gdansk is a modern dental surgery, which is a branch of medicine dealing with the surgery of the oral cavity and surrounding tissues. The main purpose of dental surgery is primarily to remove the teeth, which can not be subjected to conservative treatment. Treatments, which are carried out by our qualified dentist also aim to eliminate dontogenic points of bone infection through the extraction of teeth.

Dental surgery, which we offer to our customers, is not only a treatment involving extractions, i.e. removal of teeth with roots. Advanced methods of treatment and more professional equipment allow this field of dentistry to expand its reach and increase efficiency, allowing the elimination of even the most complex dental problems.

Taking care of continuous development and implementation of modern technologies at Mediss Dental Clinic, we have purchased a device for piezo surgery, the possibilities of which significantly exceed traditional surgical techniques. Piezo surgery is an innovative technique of bone surgery, intended for use in maxillofacial and dental surgery, implantology and periodontics. The device enables micrometric cutting, characterized by exceptional precision and safety.

Piezo surgery is a delicate, minimally invasive and completely SAFE method for the patient, which has great results and translates into less pain after surgery, greater comfort during the surgery itself and a faster progressive healing process

The Mediss Clinics offer the following procedures in the field of dental surgery:

  • extraction of permanent teeth and deciduous teeth (including wisdom teeth)
  • surgical removal of retained teeth,
  • esection of the root apex,
  • guided bone regeneration,
  • treatment of abscesses and oro-facial fistulas,
  • removal of radicular cysts,
  • preparation of the oral cavity for the prosthetic treatment
  • reconstruction of bone defects (augmentation of alveolar ridge, soft tissue and bone with titanium materials or biomaterials)
  • regenerative treatments.

One of the treatments offered in Mediss Clinics is modern reconstructive bone surgery. Our doctors, thanks to the use of modern methods of treatment, tailored to the individual needs and expectations of patients, are able to restore full functionality of the oral cavity. Each dental surgeon working in our clinic is prepared to perform various types of treatments, each time retaining full precision and eficiency.

Modern dental surgery is for many patients the only chance to effectively get rid of the troublesome problems with teeth and other ailments in the oral cavity. In our Mediss Dental Clinics in Gdansk, every customer can count on a comprehensive and professional care by our dentist, as well as rofessional assistance in choosing the best treatment path.

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