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Prosthetic treatment aims to restore the lost teeth and to improve the aesthetics of dentition. Our doctors offer a wide range of treatments that may help to recover full joy from a smile. We present the diverse and useful solutions matched to individual patient needs. Crowns and porcelain bridges- classic and all-ceramic, post-and-core, porcelain veneers, removable dentures.

Porcelain veneers

delicate and little-invasive method of correcting the shape of the vital teeth. Dedicated for the use in aesthetics, i.e. the anterior section of the teeth.
This technique allows for a very natural effect.

Porcelain crowns classic

prosthesis used in a complete reconstruction of the tooth. The crown is made of the ceramic fired on alloy of steel. Non-nickel metal is used for this purpose, so the incidence of allergic reaction is greatly minimized. This type of complement is ideal for reconstruction of teeth crowns of the posterior segment. By working with the best prosthetic laboratories, we are able to provide a very natural effect, giving the similar characteristics of the neighboring teeth.

Porcelain Bridges

this prosthetic solution allows complementing one or several teeth. The bridge is cemented to the patients abutment teeth- prior to this, the teeth should be grinded down appropriately.

Root crown insert

used as a reinforcement of the tooth and the abutment for the prosthetic crown. Depending on the degree of damage of the tooth, we incorporate fiberglass post-and-core or steel, poured post-and-core, individually tailored in laboratory to the shape of the remaining root.

Root crown insert allows for reconstruction of even the most damaged teeth.


Acrylic put-on dentures - used to fill both partial and total defects. Indicated in the case of prosthetic implant contraindications or multiple missing teeth. Framework dentures - used in case of partial defects. They are stabilized with buckles, latches or sliding valves. In contrast to the complete acrylic dentures, they have palatal plate that is reduced to a minimum, which gives greater comfort, so important for the patient.

Acetal and Nylon dentures - an alternative to partial dentures, they are lightweight and more aesthetically pleasing thanks to the buckles in the color of the gums or tooth. Ideal for patients who have difficulties in adjusting to the new conditions. Thanks to the aesthetic form and delicate texture, the patients go through the process of adaptation to new situation much faster and better.

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