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Dental implants

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We are authorized Implantology clinic of the German BEGO system

BEGO is a well-known German company belonging to the world leaders in the field of dentistry and dental prosthetics. He has over 100 years of experience in this industry. "Made by BEGO" implants are synonymous with the best products that combine certainty and reliability. Patient satisfaction and health are the main focus of BEGO

The passage of time and dental diseases cause permanent cavities. Missing teeth not only have a negative impact on our self-esteem, but most of all they disrupt the basic role of the masticatory system through changes resulting from tooth loss. The sphere of aesthetics is disturbed by sagging cheeks or changes in facial features. Tooth loss can have many negative consequences, such as: shifting or tilting of the teeth in the area of the defect, change in bite, difficulty in chewing, changes in the temporomandibular joints.

Modern dentistry offers an effective solution that will help restore a healthy and beautiful smile. Implants, i.e. dental implants, can permanently repair and stabilize the occlusal situation. Thanks to implants, we do not expose neighboring teeth to their loss or damage. In our facilities located in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz and Morena, we offer implantological treatment at the highest level. We work on certified BEGO implants. Thanks to the wide spectrum of models, we are able to select the appropriate implant in a specific situation.

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Denture on implants

What is an implant?

A dental implant is a small cone with a diameter of 3-5 mm and a length of 7-21 mm, which acts as a tooth root. This element is made of a biocompatible material, which is neutral to health and does not cause allergic reactions - usually titanium. This material is extremely durable, thanks to which it can withstand the stresses that are normally subjected to the roots of the teeth.

To the implant, i.e. the artificial tooth root, a superstructure is mounted - a prosthetic structure (prosthetic crown, prosthetic bridge or removable denture - overdenture), which perfectly reproduces the shape of a tooth or several teeth. An implant with a crown looks exactly like a natural tooth - the titanium part is completely hidden under the gum, while the ceramic part or teeth in the denture are selected so that their color, transparency and gloss fully match the features of natural teeth.

Guided Implantology

We perform implantation procedures in our clinic with the use of navigated templates. The template is made by the dental laboratory individually for each patient on the basis of a 3D tomographic examination and a digital scan.

Benefits for the patient due to the precise positioning of the implant in the bone

precise implant placement even in very difficult conditions (small amount of bone tissue).
first, we plan a prosthetic reconstruction to which the most optimal position of the implant is adjusted.
fast and minimally invasive treatment also for patients using dentures, complete fixation of the prosthesis with implants completely eliminates the problem of mobility of the prostheses.

How is the treatment process going?



During the consultation, the implantologist collects information about the patient's expectations, general health, medications taken, and allergies.

The next step is to perform computed tomography. On its basis, the implantologist assesses the bone structures, whether there is enough bone tissue to insert and accept the implant. In addition, he can plan the number and place of insertion of implants, their length and width


Implant treatment plan

It is created on the basis of a consultation, which gives the opportunity to make an appropriate diagnosis. Each treatment plan is unique, tailored to the individual possibilities, needs and requirements of the patient.

After collecting all the information, the implantologist presents the treatment plan and the approximate costs of the procedure.



After the tests and positive qualifications are completed, we proceed to the implantation procedure. The procedure is completely painless, because it is performed under local anesthesia, in addition, each of our patients is pharmacologically protected after the procedure (antibiotic cover). The time in which we perform a single implant implantation together with patient preparation and taking a control postoperative photo is about 50 minutes.

After about two weeks, the patient comes to us to remove the stitches. After the procedure, the implant must integrate with the bone. It is a period from 3 to 6 months, its length is ultimately decided by the attending physician.

In order to maintain aesthetics, the patient may receive a temporary crown during the integration of the implant.

Prosthetic solutions

Treatment with implants enables the use of many prosthetic solutions:

One implant + crown in case of loss of one tooth
Prosthetic bridge (prosthetic structure replacing a few lost teeth). The bridge can be supported by two or more implants. It should be remembered that prosthetic bridges are permanent solutions that are permanently fixed in the oral cavity. They can be made of ceramics or a composite on a titanium, steel, gold or zirconium foundation.
Complete denture. Complete dentures are mounted on several implants (maximum 6), thanks to which we obtain high stability of the prosthesis.

The prosthetic elements offered in our offices are made in the best prosthetic laboratories: NORDENTA and PREMIUM LAB

Get to know the price list

Zirconium crown od 1400 zł
All-ceramic crown od 1400 zł
All-ceramic veneer od 1400 zł
Composite veneer 400 - 800 zł
Non-Prep veneer 1300 - 1800 zł
Porcelain crown on metal 1000 - 1400 zł
E-MAX crown / veneer 1300 - 1800 zł
Crown-root inlay made of glass fiber 500 zł
Crown-root inlay made of a metal alloy 500 zł
Composite inlay 900 zł
Composite onlay 900 zł
Endocrown 900 zł
Acrylic denture od 1500 zł
Skeletal prosthesis od 2500 zł
Denture with ball latches od 2000 zł

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