Intraoral scanner
that is, a revolution in dentistry

Modern technologies have always been close to us, we introduce new trends and boldly follow technological innovations in the field of dentistry. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that at Mediss Dental Clinic in Morena, our patients can take advantage of 3D virtual reality in the field of oral cavity scanning. The revolutionary 3Shepe Trios Move + computer scanner, in which we have equipped our clinic, allows you to plan the best orthodontic or prosthetic treatment in the shortest possible time, all without the use of traditional impression materials, which significantly increases comfort, especially in patients with gagging.

Oral scan

Thanks to an extremely precise scanner, the image of the oral cavity (teeth, gums, palate) appears on the computer screen in 3D technology. The data obtained in this way should be sent immediately to the prosthetic laboratory, where the technician starts designing and performs the final prosthetic work. The entire treatment process is reduced to a minimum!

Intraoral scanner and computer technology eliminate possible errors made by a human and eliminate the need to try on prosthetic work several times.

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Intraoral scanner

Benefits of using an Oral Scanner for the patient

01 Speed

The advantage of the intraoral scanner is the reduction of the time spent on the dental chair and the waiting time for the prosthetic work. Until now, using traditional methods, the production of a crown or veneer required quite a long time associated with sending the work to the prosthetic laboratory, making models, designing the shape of the tooth. Currently, the image replacing the impression is saved in digital form and immediately transferred to the stmatology technician.

02 Precision of prosthetic works

So far, during the preparation for prosthetic works (crowns, bridges, veneers or restorations after root canal treatment), dentists have used impression materials. For many people, the process of filling their mouths with an elastic mass is not comfortable and causes them to gag.

03 Comfort for the patient

Crowns, bridges and veneers are tightly fitted to the surface of the teeth, which reduces the risk of bacterial growth causing adenosis.

Dental tomography (CT)

Our clinic is equipped with a professional 3D diagnostic tomograph, which allows for a precise examination of all craniofacial structures. Thanks to the tomographic examination, we are able to carefully plan the entire treatment process before any dental intervention.

Spot digital X-ray

In addition, we equipped each of our offices with modern digital X-ray machines mounted for the patient’s comfort directly on the dental chairs, so that we can control the course of treatment on an ongoing basis, thanks to which we carry out treatments much more efficiently.

Digital Smile Design

Based on the photos taken and a short video, we create a visual, graphic design of the future dentition, which is the basis for determining the scope of treatment and applied solutions. The implementation of a precise design taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient before starting the treatment is essential and, importantly, gives the patient the opportunity to present the planned effects of the treatment to the patient before we even start working. Thanks to DSD, we can perfectly design a smile, taking into account facial features, the layout of the mouth, and even character.