The temporomandibular joints are the most frequently used joints in our body. They take part in daily activities such as talking, singing, yawning, and most of all consuming, chewing and swallowing food. There can be many reasons for their dysfunction, but the most common ones include stress, malocclusion, body posture defects (including scoliosis), injuries, and loss of teeth.

  • Pain around the joint, neck and head (often mistaken for migraines),

  • ear, eye, neck and nape pains,

  • pain in healthy teeth,

  • tinnitus, squeaking in the ears and a feeling of “sticking” of the ear,

  • dizziness,

  • crackling or popping noises

  • grinding, squeaking,

  • complete blockage of the joint,

  • swallowing problems

  • problems with opening / closing the mouth,

  • painful tensions in the craniofacial muscles and / or the neck,

  • trismus, teeth grinding (bruxism).

At Mediss Dental Clinic we offer:

  • In-depth diagnostics,

  • professional doctors and MSc in physiotherapy,

  • selection of specialized techniques and methods of therapy, preceded by a detailed interview, functional tests and analysis of the patient’s medical records,

  • manual therapy of temporomandibular joints,

  • gentle mobilization techniques of the temporomandibular joint,

  • osteopathic techniques to release blocked structures and restore proper functions,

  • movement therapy (kinesitherapy),

  • techniques of self-relaxation of excessively tense muscles,

  • supportive lymphatic drainage of the face and kinesiology taping in the case of edema (e.g. after surgery).

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