Dental prophylaxis

Healthy and beautiful teeth are a showcase of every human being. However, in order to be able to fully enjoy the perfect condition of your teeth, you need proper oral prophylaxis, which is the foundation of strong and healthy teeth. One of the forms of preventing oral diseases is hygienization, i.e. scaling, sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation.

What are the consequences if tartar is not removed regularly?

  • Bad mouth odor

  • Carious lesions

  • Bleeding gums while brushing your teeth

  • Sore and red gums

  • Loosening of teeth (periodontitis)


removal of plaque and tartar

The first procedure that is performed during hygienization is scaling. Its main task is to effectively remove plaque and tartar. The most common form used in our dental offices is ultrasonic scaling. Its operation is based on the high frequency vibration of the scaler tip, and the vibrations generated in this way are transferred to the teeth and break up the stone. The scale is rinsed off with water. Scaling is considered an almost painless procedure, but people with lower pain tolerance may experience slight discomfort and bleeding gums after the procedure, which fortunately passes quickly.

The treatment is performed using an ultrasonic scaler and polishing paste or sandblaster. The final stage is polishing – removing particles of sediment and micro-discoloration with the use of very soft brushes, giving the effect of very smooth teeth, and fluoridation, which involves covering the enamel with fluorine. Scaling–depending on the individual needs of the patient & ndash; it should be performed at least twice a year or even more often if the patient, for example, smokes cigarettes, drinks a lot of coffee or tea. Scaling combined with tooth sandblasting gives the greatest effectiveness in removing tartar. The photo below shows the scaling and whitening effect.

The next step in full dental hygiene is polishing. It is a procedure that is performed after scaling and sandblasting, and it consists in thorough polishing of all teeth with a special paste with polishing and cleansing properties to minimize the risk of easy tartar build-up. Then the person performing the procedure polishes the teeth with special rubbers and brushes, which also clean the interdental surfaces. Polishing is a completely painless procedure that takes only a few minutes and results in extremely smooth teeth.

The varnish is left on the teeth for some time, as a result of which it gradually releases fluoride ions. Thanks to this method of prophylaxis, we can reduce the incidence of caries by up to 40%, because fluoride strengthens the enamel and protects against acids and bacteria..

Due to their structure, furrows and crevices are difficult to clean from food residues with a toothbrush. Places that are difficult to access for ordinary, everyday hygiene are a breeding ground for bacteria and promote the formation of caries. This treatment is especially dedicated to children in the period of permanent replacement of milk teeth. After the permanent tooth has completely erupted, it is a good idea to immediately protect the gaps with lacquer.

See the price list

Professional hygienization -package
(the treatment is performed by the most effective method with sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation, and hygiene instructions, thanks to which our patients enjoy the effects of the treatment for a long time)
270-400 zł
Fluoridation150 zł
Fluoridation-varnishingfrom 250 zł
Closed curettage (1/2 arch)800 zł
Open curettage (1/2 arch)800 zł