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Malocclusion is a problem with which children, adolescents and adults come to us. In our offices, we deal with orthodontic treatment with the use of solid metal and cosmetic braces and the Clear Aligner system.

Orthodontics treats malocclusion and irregularities in the alignment of the teeth. Malocclusion is reflected in the appearance of the face, which often correlates with self-esteem and self-confidence, also white and well-groomed teeth will not compensate for the correct positioning. Orthodontic treatment can be performed in both children and adults. In the case of permanent braces, permanent dentition is required (excluding persistent milk teeth).

At Mediss Dental Clinic, orthodontic treatment is provided by Dr. Katarzyna Rozmus-Grabińska, Dr. Małgorzata Szawłowska and Dr. Kamilla Bijowska, who can boast many successes in this field. Treatment with orthodontic braces is an area in which they are fully realized and fulfilled.

Below we present the effects of fixed braces treatment made by dr. Katarzyna Rozmus-Grabińska

Below we present the effects of fixed braces treatment made by dr. Katarzyna Rozmus-Grabińska

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Fixed braces

Fixed braces consist of brackets and rings glued on the teeth and a wire passing through them, fixed with elastic ligatures. The time of wearing the braces depends on the corrected defect and the patient's cooperation (regular check-ups, hygiene, wearing lifts).

We put on metal braces (price PLN 1700 per arch) or aesthetic ones (composite, ceramic - price from PLN 2700)


Orthodontic Treatment Plan


with a detailed explanation of the defect and possible treatmentswith a detailed explanation of the defect and possible treatments


Taking a diagnostic impression


Taking a diagnostic impression


Performing cephalomeria and panoramic X-ray

After 1 visit, the orthodontist draws up a treatment plan with indications and recommendations for the patient on the basis of a clinical examination and a diagnostic impression. After about 1 week, the 2nd visit follows, during which the treatment plan is presented and approved by the patient. The camera is loaded. A control visit one month after the camera was put on. The next ones take place once a month. If two arches are required, a second arch is inserted after 2 months. In exceptional cases, it is possible to put on both arches at the same time.


Hygiene is very important in orthodontic patients & ndash; regular and thorough tooth brushing, using single-tooth brushes, irrigator and mouthwash.

Clear aligner

The Clear Aligner system was created for adolescents and adults, enabling them to correct malocclusion in a smooth manner, without the use of traditional orthodontic appliances equipped with wires and brackets. In this method, overlays made of biocompatible material are used practically unnoticeable by the environment. Bearing in mind the fact that the aligners can be easily removed from the teeth, this method is dedicated to disciplined patients who strictly follow the doctor's instructions. During the treatment, which lasts from 6 to 8 months, the patient changes the overlays many times, which are individually prepared by the prosthetic laboratory, taking into account the progress of the treatment.

At each stage, the patient receives 3 overlays of various thicknesses along with information about the time of their wearing. As a result, the pressure on the teeth is gradually increased and they are moved in a fluid manner, which guarantees comfort.

Our clinic cooperates with a modern, licensed orthodontic laboratory, in which qualified dental technicians use computer equipment and software SCHEU-DENTAL companies make Clear Aligner to the maximum increases the precision of their implementation.
Perfect match

The aligners perfectly adhere to the teeth, so they do not adversely affect the quality of the teeth and allow you to laugh.


The material from which the overlays are made does not cause allergic reactions that may arise as a result of metal contact with the cheek and gums, it is well tolerated by the tissues inside the oral cavity.


The overlays are smooth, have no protruding metal elements, and do not cause irritation.


The overlays can be removed and replaced quickly and easily, e.g. when eating, drinking warm and colored drinks, brushing and flossing teeth, as well as cleaning the rails.


The cost of the entire Clear Aligner treatment process is comparable to traditional orthodontic appliances.


Transparent overlays are almost imperceptible, wearing them does not cause discomfort during meetings and talks at work or school.

The course of treatment with the Clear Aligner system


Consultation with an orthodontist

During the first visit, the orthodontist assesses whether the defect qualifies for treatment with Clear Aligner overlays. If so, the doctor takes cephalmetric and pantomographic images of the Patient and takes impressions, on the basis of which the technician in the laboratory will make a set-up along with precise measurements of individual tooth movements. The photos, models and set-ups made will be used by the doctor to prepare an individual treatment plan.


Treatment plan

During this visit, the orthodontist presents the Patient with a detailed treatment plan with Clear Aligner overlays, which includes the treatment time, treatment cost, information whether there will be any additional elements such as lifts, buttons, etc. during the treatment. laboratory first sets of Clear Aligner overlays.



The patient receives the first set of aligners with three thicknesses (soft, medium and hard) for each of the dental arches. Each overlay should be worn for 1 week, strictly according to the doctor's instructions. After 3 weeks, the doctor makes more impressions and another set of overlays is made. This procedure is repeated until the end of the active treatment period.


The period of retention, i.e. stabilizing the teeth in a new position

This period is usually twice as long as the time of active treatment. When stabilizing the teeth in a new position, the Patient wears a retention device recommended by an orthodontist.

Advantages of Clear Aligner braces

The treatment is painless, non-invasive and very well-tolerated by patients. Due to the fact that the overlays are transparent and practically invisible on the teeth, the system provides the highest degree of aesthetics and comfort. Very easy removal of the trays from the teeth allows you to maintain a high degree of oral hygiene during treatment.

The surfaces of Clear Aligner overlays are smooth, ideally suited to both the teeth and the mucosa of the alveolar process, thanks to which they ensure a high comfort of use. In many cases, malocclusion therapy with the use of aligners is cheaper than treatment with fixed braces.

Clear Aligners can be used to treat malocclusion such as e.g.:

strong crowding of teeth,
open bites,
deep bites,
cross bites and others.
By using additional elements such as buttons, elastic lifts or retention elements, the Clear Aligner overlay can be used to rotate the teeth and treat class II and III defects. The effectiveness of treatment depends primarily on the regularity of the use of the overlays as well as on the experience of the attending physician and the qualifications of the orthodontic laboratory performing these overlays.

Orthodontic appliances in installments

MediRaty is the first product in Poland aimed at patients who want to finance treatment treatments in installments, A wide range of financed treatments and convenient financing conditions make it an ideal response to the needs of patients.

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Each customer who buys an orthodontic appliance from us receives a starter kit necessary for oral hygiene and can purchase the MEDISS dental irrigator at the price of & ndash; PLN 140.

Cennik usług

Orthodontic consultation 150 zł
Metal braces 1 arch 1900 zł
Aesthetic / ceramic braces 1 arch 3000 zł
Metal self-ligating braces, 1 arch 3500 zł
Clear Aligner 1 arch 800 zł
1 arc check 150 zł
2 arches check 200 zł
Photo of the camera + reteiner 1 arch from 800 zł
Attaching the bracket as part of the control visit free

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