Guarantee and quality
We are Dental Clinics, which offer high quality and professionalism. All treatments provided entirely in our offices are covered by a guarantee.
Advanced diagnostics
We working on modern digital radiograph from Planmeca which shows new standards of intraoral imaging, provides comfort and safety for our patients.
Comprehensive treatment
Mediss is a professional full service dentist. We offer treatment within: conservative dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, dental surgery, implantology.

MEDISS Yours dentist in Gdansk

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Gdansk Wrzeszcz: +48 888 404 020

Gdansk Morena: +48 888 600 602

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MEDISS - Your Dental Clinic

We are a modern dental office in Gdańsk offering comprehensive dental care to our patients, including implantological treatment. We have knowledge and technological capabilities on a world-class level. At Mediss we have created friendly conditions for the patient, because they are conducive to good and comfortable treatment.

Nasz zespół

Stanowimy zespół profesjonalistów, otwartych i gotowych do pomocy. Dbamy o to, aby wizyta w naszych gabinetach była dla Państwa miła i przebiegła w przyjaznej, rodzinnej atmosferze.

Kinga Dewerenda
Ewa Nowocień
Bogusława Wiese-Drożdżal
Claudia Wasilewska
Joanna Deyk (Niemczyk)
Rafał Ściegienny
Mateusz Nowicki
Paulina Klukowska-Mincer
Katarzyna Patora
Monika Markiewicz
Patient advisor
Katarzyna Rawicka
Patient advisor
Agnieszka Szermuszyn
Patient advisor
Anna Kozłowska
Dental hygienist
Alicja Kulikowska
Dental hygienist
Sandra Bochyńska
Electroradiology technician
Katarzyna Szklarzewicz
Dental hygienist
Karolina Burakowska
Electroradiology technician
Kinga Świderska
Dental hygienist

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How to get

MEDISS Dental Clinic - Gdansk Wrzeszcz

Gdańsk 80-278, ul. Chrzanowskiego 10 place 1


Lines 110, 122, 126, 157 - Zabytkowa stop

Lines 127, 158, 199, 227, 315, N2, N3, N4, N13 - Baltic Gallery stop

Lines 136, 149 - the stop of the Zabytkowa / Chrzanowskiego stop


Lines 5, 6, 9, 11, 12 - Baltic Gallery stop,

Arrival: By the street of the Exterminated Soldiers (about 700m), then right at Bernard Chrzanowski (about 400m) - 12 min.

MEDISS Dental Clinic - Gdansk Morena

Gdańsk 80-286, ul. Rakoczego 19 place 5


stop Piecewska (from ul. Rakoczego): Lines: 162, 262

stop Warneńska (from ul. Rakoczego) Lines: 227


Lines: 10, 12

Arrival: By the street of the Rakoczego between Lidl shop and McDonald restaurant