All services performed entirely in our clinic are covered by warranty. Below are the detailed terms of the warranty.

Conservative treatment - filling:

  • 1 year warranty with correct occlusion,
  • 6 months warranty for fillings in deciduous teeth,
  • 3 months warranty for fillings in non-vital teeth or if the filling covers more than 50% of the volume of the tooth.

Prosthetic treatment:

  • 1 year warranty on root crown insert,
  • 2 years warranty on fixed or removable prostheses.

For restorations, the warranty becomes valid upon completion of prosthetic treatment plan established by your doctor.

Implant treatment:

  • 5-10 years warranty on an implanted implant,
  • 2 years warranty on prosthetic procedures on implants

In the case of missing teeth, which are not corrected, the guarantee is reduced to 6 months.

Terms of warranty

  • control visit with the doctor at least once a year,
  • unless the doctor advices otherwise systematic hygienization (scaling, sandblasting and fluoridation) every 6 months,
  • maintaining oral hygiene in accordance with the received recommendations,
  • immediate execution of the recommendations prescribed by a doctor during control visits.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • temporary work, for example temporary crowns, immediate dentures, work, which the patient has been informed about the limited or lack of warranty and they were made at the request of the patient,
  • subsequent root canal treatment of the tooth that was treated earlier outside of Mediss dental clinics, prosthesis repaired or glued outside Mediss dental clinics.
  • The damages are not subject to warranty if occurred as a result of:
    - failure to comply with recommendations for oral hygiene, - failure to comply with recommendations , guidelines and indications of the doctor
  • not attending control visits,
  • mechanical damage,
  • damage to the tooth crowns between visits during root canal treatment,
  • damage to the tooth crowns of the teeth after root canal treatment, which were not rebuilt prosthetically,
  • reconstructing only a part of missing dentition and consequently the overload of the zone that was reconstructed prosthetically,
  • bone loss and periodontal changes,
  • changes made in other dental practices
  • diseases having an adverse effect on the condition of the oral cavity and the dentition of the patient, e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis).

In case of any problems being a result of dental treatment, the patient should immediately report to the doctor, but not later than 48 hours after the incidence of the defect or discomfort.

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