Panoramic X-ray with cephalometry– Hyperion X9

Hyperion X9

is the latest generation pantomograph and cephalostat. The X9 series is a modular concept that covers all types of dental examinations from panoramic radiographs to cephalometry.

3 in 1

Panorama from A to Z.

More than a dozen panoramic modes including individual anatomical structures, temporomandibular joints, bitewing photos.

Basic camera functions.

  • 12 panoramic programs
  • 14 programs for examining the temporomandibular joints
  • 10 cephalometric programs
  • two independent sensors: for taking 2D photos
  • color, touchscreen display to simplify operation as much as possible
  • total exposure time during tomography: 3.6 sec.
  • examination reconstruction time: 15 sec.
  • voxel size and layer thickness: 0.075 mm